Casseroles F.A.Q.’s

Casseroles F.A Q.’s

When should I order my casserole?

At least 24-hours in advance. We are open from 7 am to 3 pm. Most days we are here until 5 pm but we do not guarantee that we will be. Casserole orders should be called in before 3 pm for next day pick up between 3 and 5 pm. If you need a breakfast casserole for the next day, call before 10 am.

How many people will one casserole feed?

Usually six (6) people, depending if you have heavy eaters.

Do I have to return the container?

No. All casseroles are prepared in disposable aluminum caterer’s pans – unless you elect a Dixie Secret.

Can my casserole(s) be delivered?

Normally casseroles are picked up at Dixie Kwik. If our schedule permits and we have personnel available, we will deliver to your place of business for conferences, sales meetings, etc. However – this detail must be worked out in advance when you call to place your order. Otherwise, pick-up will be expected.

Is my casserole frozen?

Never! All casseroles are made from scratch in our kitchen after you place your order. The casserole(s) is held under refrigeration until you pick it up. If you need your casserole(s) to be hot when you pick it up, tell us this fact when you place your order. Otherwise, re-heating instructions will be included.

If I have some of the casserole left over, how long is it good for?

If you refrigerate the casserole immediately, it will be good for two (2) days.

Are the casseroles listed the only casseroles you make?

No. Tell us what you want and most likely we can accommodate your desires. For example, most any of the vegetables that we serve can be bought by the pan.

Do you make dessert casseroles?

Yes. We can make desserts by the pan also. Try Banana Pudding, Rice Pudding, Peach Cobbler, Bread Pudding, and others. We also have several types of Whole Cakes.


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