Dixie Joe’s

DK Exclusive RecipeA variation on the Sloppy Joe, the Dixie Joe is Ted’s original recipe served on a bun with cheddar cheese.

The Dixie Joe matches well with potato chips, cole slaw or potato salad from the Market.

The Dixie Joe is handcrafted with a special blend of ground beef, peppers and spices then slow-simmered to perfection – a hearty sandwich I’m sure you’ll come back and get again.

Dixie Joe’s are Served Every Day


Ted Duboise is founder and Director of Operations for Dixie Kwik, a home style cafe express, based in Columbus, Ga. He has been a businessman for 43 years and in the restaurant business for 35 years. Ted is extremely experienced in all phases of restaurant operations, from start-up to execution. Come see Ted. He'll serve you 'Food to Remember'.