Dixie Slam

What is a Dixie Slam™?

Dixie Slam™ is a proprietary breakfast dish of Dixie Kwik. You can only get it here!

A delicious blend of country ham, thick-sliced bacon and breakfast sausage, it is baked in a mixture of eggs, spices, milk and cheese. Oh so good!

We serve a hefty portion covered with our own recipe of sausage gravy.

Dixie Slam™ is available only at breakfast and only at Dixie Kwik™.


Hi folks! Welcome to Dixie Kwik™, a home style cafe express, based in Columbus, Ga. I am Ted Duboise, founder of Dixie Kwik™. We cook Southern, scratch-made Dixie food and serve it up quick. Come see us. We'll serve you 'Food to Remember'.