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Here is a recipe book, published in November of 2014, that holds many of the recipes that we use in the kitchen of Dixie Kwik.

Columbus, GA, November 14, 2014 – On Point! Publishers today announced the release of the company’s fourth book.

Good down-home cooking has long been a tradition in the Southern States of the U.S. which make up a region known as “Dixie”.  It has also been a long-standing tradition in this region for the evening meal to be known as “Supper”.

Authors Ted and Pam Duboise have created a recipe book of their original recipes which they have prepared through the years while raising their families. Ted was born and raised in the hills of North Alabama. Alabama’s state slogan is “Heart of Dixie”. Pam was born and raised in Southwest Georgia.

“These recipes were created in our kitchens and served to our children and at family functions”, the Duboises stated.

Continuing, Ted and Pam said, “Our influences have been many. We have great cooks in both of our families. Our parents were great cooks along with numerous aunts, brothers, sisters, and cousins. Big family gatherings have always been a part of our lives and food has always been a central part of those occasions. Meats, vegetables and desserts cover the tables and recipes are shared.”

Many categories of recipes are included in the book and chapters include: Party Recipes, Breads & Snacks, Dixie Soups, Supper Time Suppers, Supper Time Veggies, Desserts, and more.

The recipe book, Supper Time In Dixie, is available now at and select booksellers.

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