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Cooking Traditional and Contemporary Dixie Food

Dixie Kwik is all about fresh food and quick service! At Dixie Kwik, we serve you a fresh, scratch-made home-style meal for breakfast or lunch – and serve it to you within 3-5 minutes of arrival. We understand that you come to a cafe to eat – not to sit around waiting for your food to arrive. We are Dixie food served up quick.

When you come in, you go to the counter, select from 3-4 meat choices, six to eight side items, three bread choices, and choose tea, lemonade, coffee, or soft drinks. Take your food, pick a table and start eating. It’s that simple!

Dixie Kwik is a restaurant cafe serving the quality meal needs of patrons at breakfast and lunch. Although we do not open for dinner, we have our RediKwik Market where customers can get scratch-made meals, side items and casseroles to take home to serve the family at dinner or for groups. When you order, we will package your selections in about 5 minutes.

All food is hand made fresh each day on our stove or in our ovens. We do not have deep fat fryers in our kitchens. We do not use canned vegetables with the exception of three items that we deem better quality. These items have proven to be of much better quality consistency. Our cabbage and carrots are fresh, hand peeled, cut and cooked to a very flavorful tenderness. We use only fresh green and red peppers and fresh onions in our recipes. Fresh just-cracked eggs are our standard.

Oh.! By the way. After lunch, buy your favorite ice cream sandwich or cup of ice cream to eat on your way back to the office.

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In Dixie, we tell everybody we know.!


Hi folks! Welcome to Dixie Kwik™ Southern Cooking, a country cooking cafe express, based in Columbus, Ga. I am Ted Duboise, founder of Dixie Kwik™. We cook Southern, scratch-made Dixie food, using quality meats and veggies, and serve it up quick. Come see us. We'll serve you 'Food to Remember'.

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