Southern Cooking Value Meals

Plate of Southern Cooking at a Fast Food Price

Half order fresh cooked meat* with a fresh cooked vegetable plus fresh made cornbread and fresh made tea. All for only $4.99.* Four dollars and ninety nine cents plus tax. Now, that’s what we call a Value Meal!

It is the best value in town. You can’t get a Southern style lunch for that price anywhere else.

What’s more – that hot meal is ready when you walk in the door of Dixie Kwik Cafe. You just pick out the meat and side item, then we put it on your plate and you are ready to sit down and enjoy. It’s that easy and that quick.

You don’t have to eat fast food every day at lunch. You now have a choice.

We Cook All Morning For You

We spend hours cooking fresh – never frozen – meats, vegetables and side items so your food is hot and ready for lunch. We start cooking at 6:00 a.m. every morning to have lunch ready at 11:00 a.m.

So you don’t have to eat lunch food that has been processed, frozen and then cooked in five minutes. At Dixie Kwik, your lunch is real food that is cooked the old fashioned way. Your food is cooked in pots and pans on the stove or in the oven.

Dixie Kwik Value Meal

So, here’s lunch for $4.99:

** Selected meats include: Meatloaf, Fried Chicken Tenders (available everyday). Available on certain days: Salisbury Steak, Dixie Stuffers, Salmon Patties, and other meats when available.

Get Full Order Meat plus One Side, Bread and Tea – $6.49

And if you are really hungry, for only $7.99:

  • Full Meat
  • 2 Sides
  • Bread
  • Tea

You can always trust Dixie Kwik Cafe to serve you real food at a fair price!

In Dixie, we tell everybody we know.!


Hi folks! Welcome to Dixie Kwik™ Southern Cooking, a country cooking cafe express, based in Columbus, Ga. I am Ted Duboise, founder of Dixie Kwik™. We cook Southern, scratch-made Dixie food, using quality meats and veggies, and serve it up quick. Come see us. We’ll serve you ‘Food to Remember’.

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