Thanksgiving Bundle for Two

It’s Not Too Late – We Can Take Care of Your Family

Holiday Meal Bundle for Two

We always talk about our big family gatherings at Thanksgiving and during the holidays. But we must never forget about the people who don’t have family here.

There are many military couples here in Columbus who are hundreds of miles away from their families and won’t be going home for the holidays.

There are also many elderly couples who have no family close to them. They won’t be having a big family get-together and will celebrate the holidays with just the two of them.

Well, Dixie Kwik has not forgotten about the couples with no family nearby to celebrate with. We have created a Holiday Bundle for Two or a Thanksgiving Meal for Two. So couples can enjoy holiday meals too!

Thanksgiving Meal for Two

Bundle for Two or Three for only $34.95 and includes:

  • Roast Turkey – One pound
  • Smoked Ham – One pound
  • 3 Sides (1 pint each)
  • Bread (6 rolls or cornbread)


The Team at Dixie Kwik wants to make everyone’s holiday meal enjoyable! We will with Food to Remember and the best prices in town. Check around and compare prices – then call us.

Whether you need a Thanksgiving Meal for Six or just for Two, we are here for you.

In Dixie, we tell everybody we know.!


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