Dixie Secret

What is the Dixie Secret?

The Dixie Secret is a project that no one knows about. Now that you found your way here, of course, now you know. But the Secret must stop here.

Do Not Tell Anyone About The Secret. This is for your information only!

You see, the Secret is simply a well-kept mirage that your family, friends and neighbors do not need to know. They simply cannot know. If they did know, or if they find out, your long-standing reputation will be at stake.

Everyone knows that you are a great cook. You always come through with that special dish at just the right moment in time. Your reputation is impeccable. You Are A Good Cook.

And so it shall remain!

Now, we all have heard of “ghost writers”, right? How a great writer will write a book “for” someone else – and will even put that other person’s name as the author of the book. We all know that the President doesn’t write his/her own speeches. Speech writers write the speech – the President just delivers the speech.

Well guess what. Now, you have a “ghost baker” or “ghost cook” available to you – for those busy times when you just can’t cook that dish for the party – but yet you promised that you would bring that glorious dish for everyone to enjoy. And you simply cannot take the chance that the party-goers will feel that you didn’t care enough to make that dish.

Dixie Kwik has the answer. Dixie Kwik is your “ghost cook”. And simply put – no one will ever know. Because your food will be made in a dish that is becoming of your reputation – it will look just like you made it.

So – how does that work? Well, here lies the answer.

Dixie Kwik will make the food item that you desire in a beautiful glass Pyrex dish (or comparable container). Your guest will think that you made the food because everyone knows that you can’t get food made in a restaurant or deli in anything except a disposable aluminum caterer’s pan. The disposable pan is always a dead give-away that the food was not made in your kitchen.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that ever again.

Pyrex DishThe Dixie Secret provides you with a nice dish, with the food cooked in it, that looks like it came from your kitchen! Sweet! Tell them it’s your casserole – we don’t mind!

And you don’t have to return the dish. Except when you need another food cooked in it. Yes we will charge you for the Pyrex dish but it is only $10 for a regular size. If you want a larger dish, of course that will be a larger charge.

Now you know the Dixie Secret. And you have sworn to secrecy. The Secret must stay a secret.


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